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Hello, I’m Mahmoudat a 21 year Accounting and Finance Student at LSE based in London. Born and raised in Nigeria, the blog is the public extension of myself – home to my thoughts turned words and reflections on politics, religion, literature and social issues. Muslimgirljournal is  simply a space where I document my continued journey towards self development and growth.

Behind the name: Being Muslim is arguably the most important part of my identity and it has an influence on all strands of my life.  Writing has been a long term interest for me and keeping a journal/ diary has been an integral part of my life over the past 5 years. I am constantly learning and growing through this medium so  I want the blog to be a space where I document reflections on various issues and showcase lessons from my journey. So look out for the monthly journals!

I love getting to know the people who read my blog, follow me on twitter or instagram and let’s connect.





  1. Assalamu alaykum,
    Hi mahmoudat 👋, my name is Ameena. I was wondering if you will be interested in reviewing a poetry book. My sister just recently published one titled “soul unraveled”. If you do have the time, I would like to email you the book’s blurb so you can see if its something you’d be interested in or not. Thanks

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