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Get to Know Me Tag

As a form of introduction, I decided to do a written version of the Get To Know Me Tag.

  1. What is your middle name?  Damilola
  2. What was your favourite subject at school?  I can’t choose between English Literature and Philosophy
  3. What is your favourite drink?  SuperMalt, if you’re Nigerian you know.
  4. What is your favourite song at the moment?  I try not to listen to music, emphasis on try and may Allah SWT continue to help me on the journey. So I’m going to skip this question.
  5. What is your favourite food?  Fried rice
  6. What is the last thing you bought?  Probably a book!
  7. Favourite book of all time?  Most memorable books: Purple Hibiscus / Anthills of Savannah. I’ve read both of them at least three times and that’s rare! Non-fiction: Malcom X’s Autobiography without a doubt.
  8. Favourite Colour?  I don’t have one but I tend to lean towards bright colours.
  9. Do you have any pets?  No never have.
  10. Favourite perfume?  I’m not a big fan of perfumes.
  11. Favourite Holiday?  Apart from moving from Nigeria to London, I haven’t left UK. I’ve traveled within though so hopefully the answer to this question changes soon.
  12. Are you married?  No
  13. Do you speak any other language?  Yoruba and currently learning Arabic
  14. How many siblings do you have?  2
  15. What is your favourite shop?  I hate shopping so I don’t have one.
  16. Favourite restaurant?  Saffron Kitchen
  17. When was the last time you cried?  Last week over exams. Glad I can say Alhamdulilah now.
  18. Favourite Blog?  With Love from Ola
  19. Favourite Movie?  Nollywood film titled ‘Unforgivable’, reduced me to tears all the time!
  20. Favourite TV shows?  Jenifa Diaries, The Mentalist and Marvel Agents of Shield.
  21. PC or Mac?  PC
  22. What phone do you have?  Samsung
  23. How tall are you?  5’7
  24. Can you cook?  I can’t answer Yes or No to this question so I’ll go with sort of.
  25. Who are you some of your favourite Youtubers? 
    • Jouelzy
    • Habiba Da Silva – Habiba Talks
    • Evelyn from the Internets
    • Halima Jama
    • Ngee Show
  26. Favourite Instagram Accounts?
    • UmmFariha Network
    • Feeeeya
    • Halima Jama
    • Nohasahn




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